About Us


VirZOOM creates unique VR games and a custom VR game controller to deliver an exciting, discomfort-free VR gaming experience with measurable health and wellness benefits.

Bicycles are five times more efficient than walking. They amplify your personal power to carry you 10 miles with the same energy you need to walk two miles. VirZOOM Active Play VR games empower and engage. VZ Play games use VR to amplify your power 1,000 times, to pedal a 1,500lb F1 car on a race track or a 60 ton tank in battle. VZ Play games let you do the impossible, to power a Pegasus through a canyon or a dragon through a medieval village.

VirZOOM VR games so engage you in the fantasy that you do not notice that you are losing weight and getting healthy.

The VZ Controller is custom-made for VirZOOM by our manufacturer in China from a highly specialized folding exercise bike design. VZ Play games are developed by our AAA game development team in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the heart of Harvard Square.

VirZOOM, Inc. was co-founded by Eric Janszen and Eric Malafeew in early 2015. They began product development and business planning in early 2014.

Malafeew developed and filed patents for VR motion controls that solve the VR locomotion problem.

The idea of using VR games to make stationary bikes fun to use has been Janszen’s dream since the early 1980s. VirZOOM is more than 90% funded by Janszen’s iTulip investment group.