Download VirZOOM Games

To work out with your VirZOOM bike, you'll also need to install VirZOOM Arcade, our ever-expanding collection of exercise games.

If you're playing on PlayStation VR, you can download VirZOOM Arcade from the PlayStation Store on your PS4 console.

If you're playing on a PC, you can download VirZOOM Arcade now! Before you can start playing, you'll need to install Steam, an online game service. (And don't worry – all these downloads are free.) Here's how to get set up:

  1. At, click the green "Install Steam" button.
  2. Follow these instructions to create a new Steam account. (Note: This is separate from the VirZOOM account you'll create later specifically to track progress in our games.)
  3. Launch Steam on your PC and search for "VirZOOM," and then install VirZOOM Arcade by clicking "Add to Library."

When you're ready to work out using VirZOOM, you can select VirZOOM Arcade in your Steam Library and hit the blue "Play" button. If you're on Oculus Rift, make sure to open Oculus Home as well!

Need further instructions or technical support for downloads? Check out our Setup page in our Manual and Support Documentation!

Note: Oculus Home and PlayStation Store download information are in the works too, but in the meantime, Oculus Rift users can still download and play VirZOOM games from Steam!

Download the PC Gamepad Emulator

The VirZOOM PC Gamepad Emulator allows you to configure your VirZOOM bike controller to play other PC games, including games that weren't originally designed for exercise or for VR. To get it set up, download the VirZOOM Gamepad Emulator from Steam. Then, you can start creating configurations to play other games with VirZOOM, or download configurations made by other players. Please feel free to rate and comment on configurations already submitted to Steam!

Check out the PC Gamepad Emulator section of our Manual and Support Documentation for further instructions (including tips on what to install for games that typically only allow Xbox controllers).

Download the SDK

The VirZOOM software development kit allows developers to create games making use of our original motion controls and bike interface. View the list of files at the Unity Asset Store and download as virzoom_sdk_1_0_0.unitypackage, and find our preliminary Unreal plugin for Unreal Engine 4. For further instructions, see the VirZOOM SDK section of our Manual and Support Documentation!