VZfit Update: July 2020

Update 7.28 Explorer Fixed “Unknown” ride descriptions Make POI available in Country and Comfort modes as well as City Each mode has its own POI setting, in case you want to keep them with City mode like now Group related options with colors Fix starting direction of new open rides to follow the road Don’t … Read more

VZfit Update: June 2020

Hotfix 6.29 Play Prevent destroyed tanks from being respawned if underground   Hotfix 6.27 Explorer Fix trainer disappearing between rides Fix crash after snapshot of empty image Fix compass button showing when menu isn’t up Note that will fix bike not moving when both were disabled Deal smoothly with network server disconnect Trainer cadence correction … Read more

We are Riding in a New Direction

Since VirZOOM was founded, our company’s goal has been to harness the power of virtual reality to provide the motivation and fun people need to stay healthy and fit. In 2014 when we started trying to tackle HOW we would get biking to work in VR, the only solution was to design the bike ourselves. … Read more

VZfit Update: May 2020

Hotfix 5.22 Explorer Fixed POI initialization in City Mode   Hotfix 5.21 System Wide Message of the day system tailored to game, platform, and build.  Never be without VZfit news again! Fixed handling of TUNAI media button Handle occasional cadence sensor dropouts Allow reconnection to original sensor, without having to restart, if user skipped it … Read more

Year One Major Update

Year One Major Update In March of 2019 we officially launched VZfit and since then the response to the Sensor kit and VZfit Apps has been amazing. As of February our users are doing over 8 million spins per month! Over the last year we have made major improvements and additions to VZfit, and we … Read more

VZfit Update: March 2020

Explorer Fixed white dot stoppage when path lookup finds a nearer user-provided Streetview image than Google car image Made “resume” button come before “ride from start” and “ride from end” Fixed texture seam in female arm More saturated sky in City Mode Fixed re-centering using Quest hand controller button System Wide Support cadence and speed … Read more

VZfit Update: February 2020

Explorer New City Mode to reduce distortion, primarily in cities Projects Streetview images onto solid building geometry Overlays roads to cover up distorted cars Always flat to avoid elevation errors Tilt Steering option on the Quest, to turn with just your head like the Go Flipping through Comfort Mode now doesn’t reset your stored viewpoint … Read more

Soar The Open Skies

SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND FLY Keep Flying, VZfit Play’s 11th game, and the 3rd in our Pegasus series, offers the advanced VZfit player a unique experience and challenge that brings new life to our canyon level, both in gameplay and design- and is available today! Spring Has Come to the Canyon The first thing you … Read more