VirZOOM has made it to a new platform: Google Daydream! You can now download VirZOOM Arcade on Google Play and get fit with your Google Pixel phone. Drop by our Setup Guide for instructions on how to install on Daydream and all other VirZOOM-ready platforms.

We’ve keeping our Daydream build up to date even before release, so it’ll launch with with the same games you find on Gear VR right now: Thunder Bowl, Le Tour, and Jailbreak! And as our PC and PlayStation players can attest, there’s more where that came from. We’ll be porting additional VirZOOM Arcade games in time—stay tuned for details!

We’re also in the process of updating our documentation with mobile-specific instructions and troubleshooting tips. For now, we’d like to send out one special tip to the new Daydream users out there: Don’t forget drift calibration! It may sound a little wacky, but you can improve your phone’s sense of what counts as “straight ahead” by opening up the Google Maps app and tracing figure 8’s in the air. Check out Google’s instructions, with a handy animated diagram. If you ever feel like “straight ahead” in VR feels more like “sort of at an angle,” you may need to do this.

Got any other tips or topics we ought to cover in our documentation but don’t yet? Please drop by the forums or email to let us know!