Quick Help

  • I’m having setup issues, where is the latest step-by-step guide?

    It is at vzfit.com/setup. Please suggest anything that could be clarified, and contact support@virzoom.com with any difficulty!

  • I’ve setup VZfit for myself, but my family members would like an account of their own. Can I associate more than one VZfit account with the same Oculus Go?

    Yes, they can make her own vzfit.com/account and use it in VZfit Play by clicking on the main menu. In VZfit Explorer choose logout from the More menu, and follow instructions to login with new user. That will give them personalized goal progress, level stars, weekly spins, and Fitbit hookup.

  • How do I turn easier?

    VZfit uses your leaning to change course direction, but you have to look into turns as well to actually rotate. This happens naturally if you follow the head of your avatar, which faces the course direction. Leaning is measured on the Quest by your head position and on the Go by your head tilt, relative to where you recentered. To make tighter turns you may need to pedal slower. Note that leaning too much causes your speed to slow rather than increase your turning speed.

  • Can I change how fast I am going?

    Yes! Every person has their own optimal pedaling speed for working out, which you can fit to your virtual game speed with the “difficulty” setting. You’ll find it in our HUD for easy adjustment. Set it lower to accomodate slower pedaling, or higher to accomodate faster pedaling.

  • How do I listen to music while playing?

    VZfit Play has streaming music provided by Feed.fm. From the Options menu, you can select the music station and volume. The Oculus Go doesn’t currently support background music so no Spotify yet.

  • What are Events?

    Events in VZfit Play are global leaderboards around a single game for a period of time. You can select them instead of Workouts from the main menu, and can also see them onlineat vzfit.com/events.

  • What are Goals?

    VZfit Play has 25 long term goals you can accomplish, based on how much you pedal, play, and score. You can see your progress toward each one from the in-game menu.

  • What are my Weekly Spins?

    Spins are to VZfit what steps are to Fitbit! Each pedal revolution is a spin, and you can see your spins for the week from the in-game menu. They reset every Sunday, and a graph shows how well you are keeping up for the week. You can also customize your weekly spins target at vzfit.com/account.

  • What are Upgrades?

    The coins you earn in each VZfit Play level can unlock avatar upgrades, like “Homing Missiles” for River Run. These can give your avatar a new look and capabilities. Click the “Upgrades” button under each avatar in the Main Menu.

  • How do I play head-to-head?

    Most of the games in VZfit Play can be played against one other person online, in addition to being played solo for selected periods of time. On those game detail screens you will a VS button, and be told whether you’d be the first or second player to join. The first player in will play solo mode until a second player joins, at which point both players will be set to a starting location and score. Head-to-head matches are designed to last for about 5 minutes and will show the winner and scores at the end.

    You can also matchup with online riders in VZfit Explorer. From the More menu, “Enable Matchups” to allow you to find other and them to find you. Then “Find Matchups” to list other online players. Select one to join them on their rides and break it off by selecting your own ride.

  • Why am I going backward or stopped in games when I’m pedaling forward?

    The game thinks you are pedaling backward either because your sensor got flipped around, or you were pedaling backward when connecting the bike to the game. The games that don’t allow backward motion will warn if they think you are backward pedaling after 5 seconds. Restart the game and pedal forward when connecting the bike to fix.

  • Do your games vary resistance?

    Yes, on bikes and trainers with FTMS-controllable resistance. If you don’t have controllable resistance, our games still make you more up hills and less down hills by changing your virtual gearing, like you would on a bicycle. So when you up a virtual hill, you need to pedal faster as if you had dropped into a lower gear to maintain resistance.

  • How do I hookup to Fitbit?

    From your vzfit.com/account page click on “Connect FitBit” to log your VZfit virtual distance and estimated calories into Fitbit’s website and app. If you are wearing your fitbit while riding you can see your heartrate overlayed in the workout that is uploaded to your fitbit activity feed! Note that virtual distance is calculated from your pedal rotations based an average gearing on a flat road with a touring bicycle. Your estimated calories are based on that, and the weight you may choose to enter on your VZfit account page.

  • Where can I see all my workout stats?

    On your vzfit.com/stats page you can see your accomplishments in Play and Explorer, and on vzfit.com/playsession/user you can see every workout by game and day.

  • What should I do if I’m feeling dizzy?

    First, try to minimize your head movement, by only leaning or tilting as much as needed to turn smoothly. Slow down your pedaling to make tighter turns. If you are moving faster than you want, increase the Difficulty in the HUD or actual resistance on your bike. In VZfit Play, we recommend you start with games marked “Comfortable”, and then “Intermediate” and then “Advanced” only when you feel ready to do so. The environments in those games progress from flat & wide, to curvier & hillier, to airborne in that order. In VZfit Explorer, try changing to City Mode which flattens roads, or Comfort Mode which removes continuous motion. Change your view to “Male” or “Female” views to see less distortion and minimize your sense of motion. and enable “Monoscopic” to reduce discrepancy between foreground and background.

  • How do I get back to the menu in Explorer?

    The compass in the HUD doubles as the pause button to get you back to the main menu. We make you press it the first time you play, but it could be more obvious.

  • How can I make my own rides in Explorer?

    There are three ways to make your own rides: you can record yourself riding anywhere, you can specify a start and end point and take the automated directions, or you can upload custom routes made on your PC/phone with Google My Maps! See the Explorer instructions for more details.


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