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About Us

Transforming exercise through the power of VR since 2015.

Millions of people would benefit from 20 minutes of exercise per day, but can’t find the motivation to do so.  VirZOOM transforms your stationary bike into virtual activities that use your body to steer, pedaling to move, and thumbs to interact.  Cycle the world, command tanks, pilot helicopters, fly a Pegasus, and more using portable VR headsets and smart bike sensors.  Our exercise experiences suit the whole family for a total cost less than most treadmills.

VirZOOM avoids the discomfort that other games make you feel when moving in VR.  Our team is experienced in AAA game design and robotics, and we’ve made custom motion controls that reduce motion discomfort by 10 times.  So your legs will give out before you do!

Stationary biking is ideal exercise for VR because it’s an intuitive and safe way to move, and doesn’t need to cost or take up much space.  In 2015 we made a folding bike with buttons and accurate speed controls, and a collection of exercise games designed for tethered VR.  Starting in 2017 we created a turnkey VR kiosk and wireless sensors for gyms to use with their own bikes.  And 2019 brought our current VZfit system, with games made for the Oculus Go & Quest on any bike at your home, gym, or office.

We’re constantly improving VZfit based on member suggestions and our own inspirations.  Join us in taking the next step!

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