Code Of Conduct

VirZOOM is dedicated to preserving a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all players. Accordingly, all VirZOOM players, whether contributing to forums, posting to My VirZOOM, or participating in online multiplayer, are expected to show respect and courtesy to one another. All players are required to conform to the following Code of Conduct, as well as all laws, rules, and regulations in the jurisdictions in which they reside.

This Code of Conduct is not meant to be exhaustive, and may be modified at any time. The Code of Conduct is enforced by VirZOOM employees and designated volunteer moderators, who reserve the right to close forum threads, temporarily or permanently disable the accounts of users who violate the Code, or otherwise act at their discretion to maintain a safe and welcoming atmosphere on VirZOOM services.

The following are examples of behavior that would warrant disciplinary measures:

  • Harassing, stalking, threatening, or “flaming” (maliciously badmouthing and insulting) other users in games or on the web
  • Communicating any content which, in the sole and exclusive discretion of VirZOOM, Inc., is deemed offensive, unlawful, obscene, sexually explicit, racist, or anti-semitic
  • Using VirZOOM forums or bios for commercial or political purposes, including but not limited to advertising products unrelated to VirZOOM or campaigning for political figures
  • Impersonating any person or entity from VirZOOM, Inc., including through creating VirZOOM account or Steam account names that imply a relationship with VirZOOM, Inc.
  • Sharing private or identifying information about other users
  • Spamming in-game, web-based, or email communications, whether for personal or commercial purposes, by repeatedly disrupting the flow of conversation with repetitive messages
  • Deliberately hacking or exploiting errors in the game, including but not limited to attempts to artificially inflate scores, penalize other players, or complete goals
  • Posting material that infringes the copyrights of another person or entity (also known as plagiarism), or posting copyrighted material without attribution that could otherwise be shared as “fair use”

This Code must be adhered to in order to make use of any VirZOOM product or service. If you have any questions or concerns about this Code, or if you witness or are victim to a violation of this code and wish to report it, please contact