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Pedaling with Pals in Le Tour

Bicycling through the countryside has been one of the most popular activities in VirZOOM ever since Le Tour was added to VirZOOM Arcade. And now, thanks to our latest multiplayer update on Steam and PS4, you can bring your friends along for the ride! We know that a multiplayer cycling game is a no-brainer for a VR exercise … Read more

Give a Shout Out in VirZOOM

Want to greet your friends, taunt your rivals, or let the world know you’re furious some random panda in a kayak stole your ducks? Use shouts, a new feature for sending in-game messages in VirZOOM Arcade! Figuring out the best way to communicate in multiplayer exercise games is trickier than it might sound. Steam and PlayStation have their own built-in voice … Read more

Want to Drive a Mech? Upgrade Your Avatar!

Driving a tank around is all well and good, but who wouldn’t want to take it one more step and pilot a walking tank? Our new avatar upgrade available on Steam, the mech, lets you do just that. PlayStation players will also get to stomp around in their very own robot fighter in our next patch, which we … Read more

Cycling, Shouting, and Shooting Giant Robots

This week’s update delivers a bunch of our most-requested features across multiple games: Multiplayer cycling, in-game “shout” messaging, gameplay tuning in Chopper, tidier Strava updates, an option to skip account creation, and a new mech upgrade for Tank! The update’s already live for Steam users, and PlayStation users should see these plus our last few updates bundled in a patch … Read more

Launch into 2017 with vSports

Happy New Year from VirZOOM! If your 2017 resolutions include plans to exercise more, spend more time with loved ones, or annihilate your enemies with a tank, we’ve got you covered. We kicked off the year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where we hosted the very first vSports competition for eight players in one … Read more