Launch into 2017 with vSports

Happy New Year from VirZOOM! If your 2017 resolutions include plans to exercise more, spend more time with loved ones, or annihilate your enemies with a tank, we’ve got you covered. We kicked off the year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where we hosted the very first vSports competition for eight players in one place at one time, and announced our first vSports ecosystem partnerships with Fitbit, Life Fitness, HTC, AMD, and vSports centers across the country.

At our CES vSports competition, players lined up on VirZOOM bikes to face off simultaneously in Tank, Pegasus, and a special multiplayer version of Cycle (coming to players at home soon!). This gives a taste of what visitors will see at a number of gaming centers across the US, where you’ll be able to try VirZOOM with an HTC Vive before you buy, walk out with your own VirZOOM setup, or just drop by for some quality time with a winged horse. Early tournaments will focus on single-player high scores, with nationwide multiplayer and live streams of competitions on the horizon. Participating vSports centers confirmed so far include eBash Video Game Center (IN), Game Haven (CT), Game Republik (TX), Game Tyrant (UT), LAN Mob Gaming Center (NY), Newton Gaming Center (MA), Novastar Gaming Center (KS), Section 9 Cyber Café (ND), Sphere Arcade (OH), UCI eSports Arena (CA), Virtual World Arcade (CA), VR Junkies (UT, NM, NY, MN), and Wyandotte Athletic Club (OH).

Our partnerships with Fitbit and Life Fitness will further allow us to provide the workout you want, at home and beyond. Life Fitness’ Discover SE3 bikes will soon be able to connect a module that effectively turns them into VirZOOM bikes, and linking into Fitbit through My VirZOOM enables you to track all your workouts in one place, on and off the bike. You can read more about our vSports competition and the aforementioned partnerships from a number of CES attendees, including representatives of Engadget, Digital Trends, Ars Technica, TechCrunch, Tom’s Hardware, and more.

Finally, we also recently announced that we’re gauging public interest in investing in VirZOOM at SeedInvest. Drop by our SeedInvest Page for more information. And stay tuned – new features, avatar upgrades, and more are coming to all players very soon!


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