VZfit Update: November 2022

2.0.0 VZfit Update Pin Point! Full Release This is a location guessing game where we give you a daily puzzle with 10 minutes to complete 5 rounds of guessing where in the world you started. Highest possible score per round is 5000, the closer to the exact STARTING location of the ride, the higher the … Read more

VZfit Update: September 2022

1.8.0 Coastal Highway Update Coastal Highway This is a new virtual ride through the mountains along the coast.  Launching today with the daytime version and we’ll get a night version out soon. Pin Point! (beta) This is a location guessing game where we give you a daily puzzle with 10 minutes to complete 5 rounds … Read more

VZfit Update: July 2022

1.7.2 Creators Update Guided Rides For Guided Rides, the Ride Details screen will show you the number of Notes authored for the ride and will also indicate their locations on the map. Annotations should now maintain a proper height relative to the player instead of sometimes being up really high or buried in the ground. … Read more

VZfit Update: June 2022

1.7.0 Update Guided Rides We now have Guided Rides!  Read fun notes from ride creators as they take you on a guided tour.  There is a new filter for Guided Rides on the Find Ride screen.  To celebrate this new feature our next Challenge will include a collection of rides authored by members of the … Read more

VZfit Update: April 2022

1.6.0 Update Earth Day Challenge is on its way This challenge will include a unique benefit, as a real tree will be planted for each first time completion of one of the challenge rides in the actual location where the ride takes place! VZplay games are now inside VZfit! No more launching a different app … Read more

VZfit Update: February 2022

1.5.0 Update (in beta) New Stats view! Displayed at login and on account page Easy profile swapping for multiple users of the same headset New fancy outfit selections for big spenders Option to not wear glasses / eyes now animate VZfit.com page for managing rides is dramatically improved Can now link directly to a ride … Read more

VZfit Update: December 2021

Minor Update 1.4.5 New long sleeved shirt and full length leggings available in asset store with many color variations Improved flow for new users, including upfront avatar selection and a screen welcoming you to your trial Options have been recategorized such that you can choose a movement method (Normal/Comfort) and rendering option (Country/City) separately, meaning … Read more

Roadside Chats – November 2021

Hello Riders! I know it’s been a while since our last big update.  We’ve been hard at work on something that will be familiar to some of you but brand new to many of you.  Our next update is going to include what we’re calling Virtual Rides. The first of these to launch will be … Read more

VZfit Update: August 2021

1.3.0 Update Challenge Events Collect coins on a specific challenge ride, including while in multiplayer, during the event to earn themed outfit unlocks and Badges Badges are a new special type of achievement that can only be earned if you participate in a scheduled Challenge Challenge coins will show on challenge routes but you collect … Read more

Roadside Chats – July 2021

Hello Riders! I hope you’re all enjoying the new outfit customizations and multiplayer features.  The team is hard at work on the next set of updates and I wanted to give you a quick preview on what’s coming next. We have watched the community organize events in VZfit using other services to help motivate each … Read more