VZfit Update: August 2021

1.3.0 Update Challenge Events Collect coins on a specific challenge ride, including while in multiplayer, during the event to earn themed outfit unlocks and Badges Badges are a new special type of achievement that can only be earned if you participate in a scheduled Challenge Challenge coins will show on challenge routes but you collect … Read more

Roadside Chats – July 2021

Hello Riders! I hope you’re all enjoying the new outfit customizations and multiplayer features.  The team is hard at work on the next set of updates and I wanted to give you a quick preview on what’s coming next. We have watched the community organize events in VZfit using other services to help motivate each … Read more

VZfit Update: June 2021

1.2.0 Update Multiplayer Overhaul Expanded Multiplayer to 5 riders in a party with ability to lock it if you want a smaller party New collapsible Multiplayer HUD (persistent in game and most of the menus) with better options for muting and kicking players Indicators in new Multiplayer HUD to know who is speaking Multiplayer HUD … Read more

Roadside Chats – May 2021

Hello Riders! We’re a couple of weeks from releasing our next major update. In my role as Chief Product Officer I am responsible for making VZfit the best fitness app available. To accomplish this it’s important that I am always hearing your feedback and sharing with you our plans for the future. So let’s talk … Read more

VZfit Update: May 2021

1.1.0 Update VZfit Achievements Added Available in game, on VZfit.com and in Oculus platform Some of the achievements will look at past info but most will only work going forward The following look at past history Perfect Fit Check This Out! Tour Guide Sherpa Thumbs Up! Double Digits All Thumbs Checkin’ You Out Try This! Just … Read more

Freewheeling Through Ireland- VZfit Style

  VZfit community member, Ron, and his wife regularly listen to sleep stories (audio books with light content) to help get to sleep at night. Recently, they were running low on stories when they discovered Freewheeling Through Ireland by Edward Enfield. Chosen, Ron says because “the contents appeared benign enough not to cause excitement or … Read more

Upcoming Stats Changes

Over the past year VZfit has grown in many ways. As we get closer to our store release many of the most dramatic improvements are on the way, along with some changes. One of those changes is with our leaderboard and scoring system. In the next update we will be retiring Spins as a metric, … Read more

Year One Major Update

Year One Major Update In March of 2019 we officially launched VZfit and since then the response to the Sensor kit and VZfit Apps has been amazing. As of February our users are doing over 8 million spins per month! Over the last year we have made major improvements and additions to VZfit, and we … Read more

Cycle the Coastline in Cali Rally

Cali Rally bridge

Check out our latest VirZOOM Arcade update for a new cycling route: Cali Rally! This winding road takes you through the hills and along the beaches for a more intense VR workout than the gentle country ride of Le Tour. The update is already live on Steam and at fitness centers with VirZOOM-ready Life Fitness bikes, … Read more