More Ways to Watch Your Workout

You asked, and we heard you: This week’s update brings some features we think a lot of you will be happy to see, plus some general housekeeping and bug fixes. Here’s the run down. One-button workout info: A lot of folks remarked how much they liked being able to see heart rate and other stats … Read more

360 Video on VirZOOM

Ever wanted to capture the view from a Pegasus? Record for posterity the moment you cross the finish line? Replay a spree of mech-versus-tank mayhem that made you cackle with glee? Thanks to our latest update, you can now record 360° video from VirZOOM Arcade and share your experience with the world. What is a … Read more

New Ways to Get In and Play

The next time you log into VirZOOM Arcade, you’ll probably notice some changes in how you get around in the menus. Looking at survey data and usage telemetry, we now have a better understanding of how players want to use VirZOOM, and made it easier to quickly get signed up, logged in, and working out. … Read more