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Track Your Spins

Our new riders on VZfit Play and Explorer this past week have completed over 92,000 Spins! A Spin is considered one full pedal rotation. Measuring spins gives us a more accurate and useful measure of your workout, comparable to how Fitbit measures steps. That’s the equivalent of 255 miles at an average touring resistance on … Read more

VZfit Update: March 2019

Explorer Improved frame-rate “Search Tips” on the Find Ride menu Fix Recent Routes across restart Restart you at last location Make keyboard easier to read Improved projections Reverse direction button quits menu Automatic shadow direction and rider lighting Only accept searches with paths (not single destinations)Added male & female trainers and 5 workout (Interval, HIIT, … Read more

Attaching the Sensor Kit

The VZfit Sensor Kit starts shipping on Monday, so here are our tips on attaching the Speed Sensor and Action Button to your bike. SPEED SENSOR The Sensor measures rotation of your pedal crank, and can be mounted to the inside or outside of either crank arm. The inside is preferable if there’s enough space … Read more

What Bike Do You Like?

One of the great things about the VZfit Sensor Kit with Oculus Go or Quest is that it adapts to any stationary bike. This allows users to choose a bike that fits their comfort level and budget. There’s a wide variety of stationary bikes on the market, but here are a few options: Folding Upright … Read more