Freewheeling Through Ireland- VZfit Style

  VZfit community member, Ron, and his wife regularly listen to sleep stories (audio books with light content) to help get to sleep at night. Recently, they were running low on stories when they discovered Freewheeling Through Ireland by Edward Enfield. Chosen, Ron says because “the contents appeared benign enough not to cause excitement or … Read more

Upcoming Stats Changes

Over the past year VZfit has grown in many ways. As we get closer to our store release many of the most dramatic improvements are on the way, along with some changes. One of those changes is with our leaderboard and scoring system. In the next update we will be retiring Spins as a metric, … Read more

Story of VirZOOM & Where We are Headed

  Kevin Brook from VR Fitness Insider sat down (virtually) with the founders of VirZOOM: Eric Malafeew, CTO and Eric Janszen, CEO. Throughout the panel they discussed the history of VirZOOM, the birth of VZfit, and made an exciting announcement about the future!  early days When Malafeew and Janszen came together to create a virtual … Read more

VR Fitness Summit and Tournament

On August 10th the Virtual Athletics League (VAL) announced that they would be coordinating and hosting one of the largest VR events in history, focused on something very important to us at VirZOOM: VR Fitness.     With over 40 studios and a total prize pool of more than $25,000 it will be a defining moment … Read more

Rider Spotlight: BakerBiker

Doug, better known as BakerBiker, has been a part of the VZfit Community since the start! Doug is a bread baker- hence his username- and his company, Columbia County Bread specializes in a unique sprouted whole grain bread that they ship to customers all over the country. What was your workout routine like before you … Read more

We are Riding in a New Direction

Since VirZOOM was founded, our company’s goal has been to harness the power of virtual reality to provide the motivation and fun people need to stay healthy and fit. In 2014 when we started trying to tackle HOW we would get biking to work in VR, the only solution was to design the bike ourselves. … Read more

Lost in Japan

Shon Tamblyn is a 45 year old Social Worker living in Sacramento, California. He loves to travel and adventure outdoors. Last year Shon traveled to Hong Kong, Fiji, and to several locations throughout the U.S. As much as he loves the outdoors he is also a VR enthusiast, and purchased the Oculus Go right when … Read more

VZFit Featured in Washington Post

A sun-kissed mountain peak beckons me to keep pedaling. I glance to both sides, taking in views of serene waters mingling with grassy fields.  -“How virtual reality can enhance indoor cycling”, Washington Post Back in November our CEO, Eric Janszen, traveled to New York to meet with Vicky Hallett to show her VZfit.  They had … Read more

Better City Rides In Explorer

  People have always wanted to “ride Paris” in VZfit Explorer, and the new City mode makes that better than ever! City rides have long been problematic for Explorer because the depth information about buildings is often incorrect leading to bad perspectives and unnecessary stretching, and there are more cars and people in the road … Read more