Road to 24k Challenge: Week 3

Ukraine On the seventh ride of the January Challenge with VZfit, you’ll get to take in a gorgeous 8 km ride through the northern area of Ukraine. Let’s take a look at what to expect on this curated VZfit challenge ride through Ukraine.  Seymskiy Regional Landscape Park As you begin to take this ride through … Read more

Road to 24k Challenge: Week 2

Ride 4: Finland As part of our Road to 24k ride series, we are taking you on a ride through this majestically beautiful country to see some of the beautiful views Finland offers! Kaivanto The Finland ride starts in Kaivanto. This city is beautiful with lots of things for tourists to do. Located in the … Read more

Road to 24k Challenge: Week 1

Happy New Year and welcome to the Road to 24k Challenge! For the next 6 weeks we are going to try to take you from a 5k ride all the way up to a 24k ride. Each week 3 or 4 rides will be added to the challenge and as you complete this program you … Read more

VZfit Suggested Ride: World’s Largest Dinosaur-Canada

The World’s Largest Dinosaur is a fun and famous roadside attraction located in Drumheller in Alberta, Canada. The colossal tyrannosaurus rex attracts tourists and visitors to take in the massive 86 foot tall structure. Lovingly named Sue, the roadside attraction of the World’s Largest Dinosaur is one of the many dinosaur themed attractions in the … Read more

VZfit Member Pedaling to Fight Kid’s Cancer!

Mike DeLooze has been an active member of the VZfit community since April of 2020, and has come to be known as the resident ice cream man, power cycler, and now charity rider! Mike is frequently at the top of the “weekly VZcals” chart, and has been the first to complete our two VZfit challenges. … Read more

Ride Along the Colorado River

When opening the VZfit app you are automatically brought to the first of our suggested rides, Route 128, Colorado River. Although the full length of the Colorado River is 1,450 miles, we chose to map out the 22 miles that run right alongside the river in Utah. This route will take you through some of … Read more