VZfit Update: March 2019


  • Improved frame-rate
  • “Search Tips” on the Find Ride menu
  • Fix Recent Routes across restart
  • Restart you at last location
  • Make keyboard easier to read
  • Improved projections
  • Reverse direction button quits menu
  • Automatic shadow direction and rider lighting
  • Only accept searches with paths (not single destinations)Added male & female trainers and 5 workout (Interval, HIIT, Heart, Tabata, Touring). Select them in the Options menu to turn your tour into a workout.
  • Demo Mode to recenter and re-show riding tips to each person that puts on headset. Select in the Options menu before passing around to friends.
  • Slow down trainer in turns so you can follow
  • Separate shadow for trainer
  • Easier turning at intersections
  • Tighten up frame-rate further
  • Adjust rider speed with VZ Sensor to match VZ Bike
  • Fix “tilt head to steer” help on Go, show “lean to steer” on Quest
  • Warn player they need to be online to play Explorer
  • Better handling of trainer if they get too far ahead
  • Fix player position after pausing in demo mode
  • Fixed a boundary collision bug
  • Additional crash reporting to VirZOOM
  • Teleport trainer when changing ride locations
  • Fixed a crash bug
  • Alternate between address and lat/lon in menu faster


  • Fix glitch when creating new AI Race-cars
  • Fix occasional collisions with ghost Race-car
  • Make gates more visible in Pegasus levels
  • Fix z-fighting on parts of Pegasus road
  • Use B to dive in Helicopter on the Oculus Go (you still lean forward to dive on Oculus Quest)
  • Adjust speed in games with VZ Sensor to match VZ Bike
  • Fix sometimes frozen avatars in shell
  • Adjust tutorials for different controls between Go & Quest
  • Fix occasional screen flash in Le Tour
  • Make race-car ghost times read like finish times
  • Fix head-to-head players looking at each other
  • Fixed heli scoring bug and frame-rate glitch
  • Fixed a race-car collision issue
  • Additional crash logging to VirZOOM
  • Fixed Le Tour end after 10 gates
  • Fixed lighting bug in Le Tour
  • Fixed rare crash bug
  • Fixed Pegasus sinking into ground in some areas of valley
  • Fixed glitch when starting songs
  • Fixed Le Tour lighting
  • Re-added horse’s mane to Cowboy
  • Better crash reporting


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