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Europe – Denmark, England, Romania

The European region of the Earth Day Challenge goes through the beautiful countries of Denmark, England, and Romania. VirZoom has partnered with a few different tree planting charities to help keep the forests and lands of these beautiful landscapes healthy and intact. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the curated rides through each of these amazing places. … Read more

South America – Guatemala, Peru and Mexico

Travel to the exotic landscapes of South America with our Earth Day Challenge Ride. This region features epic curated rides for you to enjoy from your home. Our Challenge Rides will transport you to the epic beauty of Guatemala, Peru, and Mexico all through VZfit. We’re sure you’re going to be enamored with the unique … Read more

North America – Montana, Oregon/Washington and Arkansas

Explore the breathtaking terrain of the Pacific Northwest through Oregon, Washington, and Montana as well as the natural beauty as you ride through Arkansas. Our Earth Day Challenge rides through North America feature some truly epic routes through amazing terrain. Ride past old growth trees, epic mountains, and more. Our North America Earth Day Challenge … Read more