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VZfit Suggested Ride: Cape Town, South Africa

The VZfit Suggested Ride: Cape Town, South Africa takes you on a virtual vacation to a culturally diverse region with enchanting landscapes. On this 8.6 km ride through the port city of Cape Town on the southwestern coast of South Africa, you’ll get to take in quite a bit of incredible views that will have … Read more

VZfit Suggested Ride: Nordland, Norway

Scandinavia offers some of the most adventurous and sublime natural features in the world. With staggeringly tall mountains, glaciers and gorgeous coastlines, the Scandinavian country of Norway supplies incredible landscapes and scenic views for visitors and locals alike. On the VZfit Suggested Ride: Nordland, Norway, you’ll get to experience the striking beauty of small islands … Read more

VZfit Suggested Ride: Corsica, France

VZfit Suggested Rides strive to transport riders to beautiful areas and locations they likely have never gotten to visit or travel to before. This is especially true for this 11 km ride through Corsica in France. Corsica is an absolutely gorgeous mountainous Mediterranean island. It is a delightful mix of stylish coastal towns, dense forest, … Read more

VZfit Suggested Ride: State Of Alagoas, Brazil

The VZfit Suggested Ride: State of Alagoas, Brazil takes you on an adventurous virtual workout through the beautifully scenic area of the gorgeous South American country. There are many famous areas and towns to visit in the country of Brazil but up until recently, the State of Alagoas was infrequently visited by tourists. On this … Read more

VZfit Suggested Ride: Magallanes y la Antartica, Chile

VZfit Suggested Rides give you the opportunity to get some great exercise while experiencing the landscapes and cultures of far away places. This specific ride will take you through the wild and rugged terrain of Chile. This region of the world features epic natural features and beautiful landscapes for visitors to take in. On this … Read more

VZfit Suggested Ride: Fjällbacka, Sweden

Take a trip to the southeastern region of beautiful Sweden. This VZfit Suggested Ride takes you on an incredible ride through the Fjällbacka region of Sweden just on the border of Norway. This workout ride through the Scandinavian coast offers epic views of the seaside, countryside, and traditional villages that seem to take you back … Read more

VZfit Suggested Ride: Strada Statale 51, Italy

Italy is one of the most popular destination vacation spots in the world. With tons of world-renowned cuisine, culture, arts, and natural wonders, it makes perfect sense why so many people have this country on their bucket list of places to visit. With VZfit, you can experience the natural beauty and quaint towns and villages … Read more

VZfit Suggested Ride: Westfjords, Iceland

Iceland is a very popular vacation destination. The Westfjords region of the Nordic Iceland island is particularly epic and beautiful. As one of the least populated areas of the country, the WestFjords region of Iceland offers majestic and natural beauty that makes you feel like you have been transported to a remote and untouched world. … Read more

VZfit Suggested Ride: Mohelno, Czechia

The Czech Republic is a gorgeous and unique country in Central Europe. Throughout history, it has frequently been referred to as Bohemia. The country is bordered by Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia in an area with a rich cultural and arts history that is reflected in the architecture and villages throughout the country. Mohelno, where … Read more

VZfit Suggested Ride: Yukon, Alaska

The VZfit Suggested Challenge rides are sure to push you to get a great workout while also getting to take in some amazing sights from places you’ve never been before. Alaska remains a wild frontier of epic and rugged landscapes of which most are greatly unpopulated. It’s a treat to get to experience these wild … Read more