New Membership Pricing, Including Free Tier

We love VZfit and people that try it do too, but know that a required membership keeps many from purchasing a Sensor Kit. So today we’re announcing some changes to our membership programs. First we are adding a Free tier that provides all sensor owners limited access to our games and rides. We are maintaining … Read more

VZfit Update: June 2019

Explorer RIDE CHANGES Comfort Mode for non-moving scenery, which may be better for cities and players sensitive to scene distortion Monoscopic option on Quest, which can make moving scenery more comfortable (this is forced on the Go) Fixed distortion spikes that would sometimes appear Make 3rd person view the default because less distortion Fixed angle … Read more

VZfit Update: May 2019

Explorer RIDES OVERHAUL Find Rides to find Suggested, Popular, New, and Create rides yourself My Rides to replay and edit Favorites, Recent, and your Created rides All Rides now have thumbnail images and a details screen, including its distance and number of times completed by you and others You can play any ride in Reverse as … Read more

VZfit Update: April 2019

Explorer “New” indicator when we add Suggested Rides Demo mode bug fixes Fix possible trainer crash Special Boston Marathon suggested rides These rides direct you to the finish line with white dots. You’ll see yellow dots that go in other directions, which you are still free to take Distance left and completion percentage in the … Read more

VZfit Update: March 2019

Explorer Improved frame-rate “Search Tips” on the Find Ride menu Fix Recent Routes across restart Restart you at last location Make keyboard easier to read Improved projections Reverse direction button quits menu Automatic shadow direction and rider lighting Only accept searches with paths (not single destinations)Added male & female trainers and 5 workout (Interval, HIIT, … Read more