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VZfit Update: July 2019


  • Fix when dots would stop loading because they were too far from automated directions
  • Support VZfit Free membership, with limited game access
  • Fixed progress storage when playing new route first time
  • Allow white dots more leeway from Google directions path
  • Voice directions in Create Rides
    • Hit the “mic” button to speak your start and end locations
  • Allow backspace editing after direction lookup errors
  • Replaced Demo Mode with Guest Mode for commercial customers
  • Disabled “auto recenter” when putting headset on
  • Make miles-left, percent-complete, and trainer-intensity text readable against white backgrounds
  • More variety to trainer V.O.
  • Properly restart session after 30 minute pause (fixes negative time and incorrect “beat your spins” threshold)
  • Fixed voice input crash if nothing recorded
  • Fixed dead-end in Climb 2 of Tour de France
  • Track your highest percent completion until you finish a ride, and show it on ride icons and on leaderboards
  • Fixed framerate hangup when crossing finish line
  • Fixed overlapping text over Trainer’s head
  • Updated “create ride” tips, including auto-start and no-end
  • Fixed cases where white dots run out due to connectivity, by looking forward along path


  • Support for VZfit Free membership, with limited game access
  • Change waiting period for multiplayer from 10 to 30 min
  • Fixed Mech walking sound when stopped
  • Fixed showing more than 8 events per screen
  • Fixed occasional problem resetting to black screen on long timeouts
  • Moved “Launch Explorer” to Play main menu
  • Better Mech stop animation & sound
  • Fixed Mech fireballs seeming to fall short in multiplayer
  • Fixed Mech aiming cross against sky
  • Fixed AI gender variety in Le Tour
  • Tuned stars for Race games based on leader-boards



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