New Membership Pricing, Including Free Tier

We love VZfit and people that try it do too, but know that a required membership keeps many from purchasing a Sensor Kit. So today we’re announcing some changes to our membership programs.

First we are adding a Free tier that provides all sensor owners limited access to our games and rides. We are maintaining our paid membership and renaming it Premium, which provides full access to all rides and games, but are excited to announce we are reducing the cost here as well. The new pricing for Premium memberships is $9.95/mo or $99.95/yr with a free 7-day trial. Note the yearly rate gives you a 16% discount, about two free months compared to the monthly rate.

The free membership allows unlimited play of a rotating free game in VZfit Play and rotating free ride in VZfit Explorer. We have also given the ability to do unlimited demos of other games and rides.

Premium membership will allow you unlimited access to games and rides and also access events or avatar upgrades in VZfit Play, and the AI trainer and ride creation and sharing in VZfit Explorer without a premium membership. The comparison chart at the top of this post gives you a quick reference to compare the two plans.

Now you can buy a Sensor Kit and try the premium experience free for a week, and decide which membership is for you. The free game and ride still provide great exercise every day in VR, and if you want full access our new premium pricing should make it easier!


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