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VZfit Update: May 2019


  • Find Rides to find Suggested, Popular, New, and Create rides yourself
  • My Rides to replay and edit Favorites, Recent, and your Created rides
  • All Rides now have thumbnail images and a details screen, including its distance and number of times completed by you and others
  • You can play any ride in Reverse as well as Forward, and you can Resume rides in progress from My Rides
  • All Suggested Rides now have a destination and distance
  • We’ve added 3 suggested rides for May and will drop more throughout the month
  • When creating rides, you can now enter a Destination, and follow the white dots (instead of yellow) along the Google directions to it
  • When creating rides with just a start point, you create your own directions until you choose to End it
  • After creating and finishing a ride at least once, you can Share (and Unshare) it with the community, to appear in Popular and New rides
  • You can choose to forget Recent rides and delete Created rides to reduce clutter
  • You can mark any ride you’ve tried under My Rides as a Favorite, for quick access
  • While riding you will see the % complete in the HUD, and a Gate at its destination
  • now shows your completed Rides by distance, so don’t just start a ride, end it!
  • Options now allows to you logout/login as a different user, and lower the HUD
  • Original VZ Bike owners will now see heart-rate in HUD
  • More trainer VO and eliminated “climbing” language
  • Add “completed %” to Resume button under My Rides
  • Clamp to 100% after crossing gate
  • Fixed saving of faves and % across runs
  • Fix gate appearing in front of menu when Ending a created ride
  • Frame-rate fixes
  • Fixed cadence display
  • Fixed heart-rate display on VZ Bike
  • Allow “resume” and “favorites” for all Rides under Find Rides, as well as My Rides. Not doing so was leading to some accidental resets of ride progress!
  • Fix end-gate placement to always be in center of road. Before if you entered a lat/lon that was just off the road, the gate would be there and you couldn’t get credit for finishing.
  • Show “distance to end” in HUD, and made the “percent complete” more accurate
  • Fixed trainer to follow white dots (when you aren’t making a route) instead of following the least turn at intersections
  • Fixed bug where panos would sometimes stop loading
  • Changed order of Suggested Rides from oldest->newest (on too) because the older routes are better for beginners and we see people mostly following the first ones we suggest
  • Fixed bug that always indicated “new rides”
  • Use monoscopic 360 rendering instead of stereo on the GO for smoother frame-rate. This makes it feel a little more like a movie and reduces your perception of artifacts, but also feels less like you’re on the road. Would love feedback on this, it may be a temporary measure since we’re still optimizing.
  • Added support for Suggested ride leader boards


  • As an incentive to master each game, you can now upgrade your game Avatars based on the total accumulated coins you’ve earned on them
  • For instance, if you play Gate Race for 1000 coins followed by Gem Hunt for 2000 coins, you’ll have 3000 coins on Pegasus
  • Under each avatar in the main menu you’ll see an Upgrade button
  • Your coins unlock upgrades you can select and see immediately on your avatar, and in multiplayer games with other players
  • Some unlocks are cosmetic like Flags for the tank, others can improve game play like Homing Missiles for heli
  • now shows your unlocks as well as goals
    Original VZ Bike owners will see heart-rate in the HUD
  • There’s now an option to lower the HUD
  • Added goals based on estimated calories (Jelly Donut etc) and pedaling on highest difficulty (Empire State etc)
  • Fixed cadence display
  • Fixed heart-rate display on VZ Bike
  • Fixed lighting issues in Pegasus canyon
  • Added Giant Mech unlock for Thunderbowl
  • Fixed avatar reflections in shell for Quest
  • Head to Head improvements
  • Fixed several bugs with Giant Mech upgrade
  • Display your current “streak multiplayer” on the Tank and Mech
  • Support for new head-to-head Events, which tally your wins
  • Added Voice Chat in head-to-head games
  • You can toggle off in Options->Voice Chat
  • You’ll see a “no mic” icon above other player unless both of you are enabled
  • Remember your avatar upgrade selections across Play sessions
  • Restored ability to lean forward to dive in Heli on Quest
  • Conversely provide the ability to dive with B button in Pegasus on Go
  • Finish fix for Heli lean-forward-to-dive on Quest


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