VZfit Update: June 2019



  • Comfort Mode for non-moving scenery, which may be better for cities and players sensitive to scene distortion
  • Monoscopic option on Quest, which can make moving scenery more comfortable (this is forced on the Go)
  • Fixed distortion spikes that would sometimes appear
  • Make 3rd person view the default because less distortion
  • Fixed angle of riders head
  • Fix sometimes falling through ground
  • Show distance you have traveled (as opposed to distance left to end) when Creating a ride with no end
  • Only show white dots (no yellow dots) along rides with ends
  • Prevent getting stuck when next white dot fails to load
  • Start trainer at medium intensity not light
  • Save your progress right before headset runs out of batteryMENU CHANGES
  • Combined all sorting types into Find Rides
  • Added “Page X of Y” to keep track of page
  • After viewing Ride Details, go back to same page rather than reset to first
  • Show your own Rides in Ride Detail
  • Moved Create Rides to main menu, and allow you to create rides from current location
  • Return to “created” rides after creating a ride
  • Sort created rides by most recent
  • Show name of current ride in Main Menu
  • Added “help tips” to explain more features
  • Allow you to launch VZfit Play without going back to Oculus dashboard

  • Improvements for low battery usage
  • Faster loading of Find Rides
  • Sound effect pass
  • Recenter resets bike to nearest dot in direction of road, as well as headset direction
  • Freeze HUD time on pause menu, reset longer than 30 minutes
  • Don’t lose ride completion progress if server couldn’t be updated
  • Wider chainring sound radius
  • Another fix for white dots not loading
  • Save route progress before launching VZfit Play from menu, and a few more places for good measure
  • Fixed crash due to overaggressive saving!
  • Fixed remaining issues with saving progress
  • Limit your max speed when your direction isn’t along the path, to help with tight turns
  • Better speed limiting when making turns
  • Better road height determination (avoids some strange dips and ramps)
  • Make 1st person default again


Winterstan Tank level

  • Fixed extreme left shooting with Mech
  • Respawn at opposite ends of Thunderbowl in head-to-head
  • Can launch VZfit Explorer from Options menu, without going to Oculus dashboard
  • Save progress right before headset battery dies
  • We’ve made bonus gems into ammo for tank games, so you can now restock up to 10 ammo every 5th wave. Note you’re allowed to go over your capacity, i.e. a tank could hold 30 ammo if you started with 20. There’s still only extra coins, not ammo, if you collect them all because ammo conservation and always moving toward crates is part of the game!
  • Ammo gems were regular height in our testing, but I made the hitbox taller so you’ll get them even if passing under. We also couldn’t repro them going over rocks, so hope if it does happen it’s an infrequent occurrence.
  • Fixed a couple areas in Winterstan where lighting on your tank would go dark
  • Fixed crash in Curvy Race



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