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VZfit Update: June 2019

Explorer RIDE CHANGES Comfort Mode for non-moving scenery, which may be better for cities and players sensitive to scene distortion Monoscopic option on Quest, which can make moving scenery more comfortable (this is forced on the Go) Fixed distortion spikes that would sometimes appear Make 3rd person view the default because less distortion Fixed angle … Read more

Comfort Mode for Explorer

Normally in Explorer, we morph each 360 image to give you the sense of riding smoothly over 3D terrain. You’ll see some distortion of the roadside scenery which is generally acceptable along the country rides we suggest. But it can distract in cities where objects are both near and far from the road, for which … Read more

Avatar Upgrades

Show your mastery of each avatar in VZfit Play by earning upgrades! Each time you play a game, you earn coins for its avatar. On the main menu under each avatar, click the UPGRADES button to see what’s available for the total coins you have. After you’ve unlocked an upgrade, click on it to enable … Read more