Avatar Upgrades

Show your mastery of each avatar in VZfit Play by earning upgrades!

Each time you play a game, you earn coins for its avatar. On the main menu under each avatar, click the UPGRADES button to see what’s available for the total coins you have. After you’ve unlocked an upgrade, click on it to enable or disable, and see the result immediately on your avatar.

Upgrades can affect gameplay or be purely visual. Speed Racer gives cars a bit more acceleration, turning speed, and traction. Gold Skin gives Pegasus a higher flight ceiling, more energy capacity, faster turning and landing. Giant Mech has more hit points and ammo capacity and can reload faster than regular tanks, but it’s a bigger target and its fireballs can’t shoot as far and tradeoff settling time for accuracy. There are also 9 tank flags you can show off in head-to-head matches. Turn your horse into a Black Beauty and your bicycle bell into a honking Horn. Outfit your chopper with Homing Missiles to paint several targets before shooting.

Avatar upgrades take real commitment to earn, don’t be surprised if some take you weeks! As more players earn them we look forward to adding new ones. See your and other players Upgrades on vzfit.com/stats along with Goals, Stars, and Leaderboards.


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