Comfort Mode for Explorer

Normally in Explorer, we morph each 360 image to give you the sense of riding smoothly over 3D terrain. You’ll see some distortion of the roadside scenery which is generally acceptable along the country rides we suggest. But it can distract in cities where objects are both near and far from the road, for which we created Comfort Mode.

Comfort Mode only shows undistorted 360 images, which you still control with your pedaling and head movement, in exchange for smooth movement between them. It’s an extreme option for extreme cases.

There are two others ways you can increase the comfort of full motion riding. The first is to use our 3rd person viewpoints, which are the height of the camera that took the 360 images, resulting in less distortion and a slower sense of movement compared to our 1st person view. The second is to enable Monoscopic rendering on the Quest (it is enforced on the Go) which removes stereo depth perception of distortions.

We’re also filtering distortions better with our last build, and will keep looking for ways to improve rides all over the Earth!


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