VZfit Update: August 2021

1.3.0 Update Challenge Events Collect coins on a specific challenge ride, including while in multiplayer, during the event to earn themed outfit unlocks and Badges Badges are a new special type of achievement that can only be earned if you participate in a scheduled Challenge Challenge coins will show on challenge routes but you collect … Read more

VZfit Update: June 2021

1.2.0 Update Multiplayer Overhaul Expanded Multiplayer to 5 riders in a party with ability to lock it if you want a smaller party New collapsible Multiplayer HUD (persistent in game and most of the menus) with better options for muting and kicking players Indicators in new Multiplayer HUD to know who is speaking Multiplayer HUD … Read more

VZfit Update: May 2021

1.1.0 Update VZfit Achievements Added Available in game, on VZfit.com and in Oculus platform Some of the achievements will look at past info but most will only work going forward The following look at past history Perfect Fit Check This Out! Tour Guide Sherpa Thumbs Up! Double Digits All Thumbs Checkin’ You Out Try This! Just … Read more

VZfit Update: February 2021

2.10.21 Hotfix VZfit Frame Rate Optimizations for Quest 1 End-of-ride data display bug Fixed Snapshot Visual bug with trainer Show the Tutorial to first-time standing players coming from bike mode Make game provide more feedback during internet outages Stop VO when Oculus dashboard is up Fixed bugs using left controller Oculus menu button Fixed Distance … Read more

VZfit Update: January 2021

1.31.2021 Update Build:2/2/2021 1:30:43 pm VZFit Explorer name changed to just VZFit in preparation for store release VZfit Tutorials  Interactive fully voiced Welcome to VZfit Tutorial added New Users will start with this tutorial Tutorial is Excerboard based and requires only headset and controllers Tutorial Menu added to main menu Multiple video tutorial added covering the … Read more

VZfit Update: December 2020

Release 12.18 Live! All releases going forward will be Quest 1/Quest 2 only System Improvements Registration Changes  New users, and all players who re-login, will have their VZfit memberships tied to their Oculus ID rather than bikes/device That means players can easily switch between compatible bikes/devices without re-registering Oculus ID registration will work across multiple … Read more

VZfit Update: November 2020

Hotfix 11.29 Explorer Fix lost user settings and coins in rare case Don’t have to “back out” of main menu to clear first-time behavior Fix rare hang when switching between standup and bike modes Hotfix 11.09 Explorer Fix application of Low HUD after restart Don’t reset snapshot overlay distance after switching rendering modes Just click … Read more

VZfit Update: October 2020

Hotfix 10.31 Explorer Follow the leader’s render mode changes in multiplayer Fixed popup message background to stay readable over menu Match standup HUD background to bike HUD Reduced music volume Slight increase in standup mode power Release 10.30 Explorer Game Changes Game Image changed from Play to Explorer when on Oculus pause menu Trainer feedback … Read more

VZfit Update: September 2020

Release 10.02 Explorer (QUEST ONLY) Added standup mode for new users to demo VZfit, and for bikers to mixup their workouts It’s offered as an option before you’ve connected to a VZfit-compatible device.  If you’re already connected and want to try it, press Y/B to change device. Be standing up and have a meter of … Read more

VZfit Update: August 2020

Hotfix 8.27 Explorer Fix multiplayer route synchronization Fixed jittery HUD and coin bonus after 78% of Dolomites ride Fixed trainer head direction Grey out “Online Matchup” button when “Matchups: Disabled” is selected Higher resolution player shadow on Quest Hotfix 8.22 Explorer Fix hitting coins when you go by instead of through them Show total coins … Read more