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Roadside Chats – April 2023

Hello Riders!

The response to Pin Point, our daily location guessing game, has been amazing since we launched it as part of our VZfit 2.0 update almost 6 months ago. We’ve also seen some truly impressive scores! Looking back on why we wanted to add this feature in the first place we were reminded that we always wanted Pin Point to be a fun distraction for players. Something casually competitive, that could represent a warm-up or cooldown activity on either side of your regular workout. A chance to quickly sample short sections of the thousands of rides authored by us and the community, and favorite some of them to ride later.

Now with several months of live experience, we’re ready to refine the Pin Point Daily Challenge to keep it in line with the spirit of its original concept. The refinements we are making are very simple. From the moment that you start the Pin Point Daily Challenge you will have 20 minutes of real time to finish. This includes riding, guessing, and your in-real-life needs like taking a bio break, greeting a delivery person at your front door, etc. We recognize that this doesn’t account for lengthy interruptions, but we hope it will cover most circumstances. And if your time is interrupted by a technical issue, you will be able to resume and complete the Daily Challenge within those 20 minutes.

For many of you, this will change your approach to Pin Point very little.  For others, it may require a new strategy.  Or it may provide some with a new opportunity.  Either way, the VirZOOM team is very excited to see how you all perform!

Happy Riding,



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