VZfit Update: June 2022

1.7.0 Update

Guided Rides

  • We now have Guided Rides!  Read fun notes from ride creators as they take you on a guided tour.  There is a new filter for Guided Rides on the Find Ride screen.  To celebrate this new feature our next Challenge will include a collection of rides authored by members of the VZfit team, introducing themselves and providing you with a tour of a place that has special meaning to them.  Not long after we release this update we will open the authoring tools for everyone to create their own Guided Rides as well!

In Game Ride Map

  • There is now an in-game ride map, or GPS as we call it in the app.  It includes multiple position options, the ability to use satellite images, and orientation choices.

Ambient Environmental Effects

  • We have added some new visual elements on Quest 2 to provide more atmosphere to the experience and to make the world feel a bit more alive.  There are subtle air particles, streaks of wind when you’re at top speed, rain when we detect that the sky is “mostly gray”, and a variety of different birds.  We think this really makes the world feel more lived in.  If you don’t like these visual additions you can disable them from the Options menu.  Please note the the types of birds you see are associated with the different Ambient options from the Pause menu.

Other Features

  • The B button can be used for braking and we now consider momentum for resistance changes
  • Real life clock in the HUD (for those who don’t want to miss their next appointment)
  • Your last 10 play sessions are now stored locally and re-uploaded if we find that they failed to save to our server
  • We’re saving additional location and associated ride information with Snapshots for future use (we have a few cool ideas for this, such as bookmarking places of interest that you can jump directly to on a ride)
  • Wheels for the exerboard and bike weren’t animating in Comfort mode when moving so we have now fixed that
  • Found and fixed a broken pano mesh that was resulting in some distortion in the shape of a pyramid
  • A few bugs have been fixed in VZplay games


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