VZfit Update: February 2022

1.5.0 Update (in beta)

  • New Stats view! Displayed at login and on account page

  • Easy profile swapping for multiple users of the same headset

  • New fancy outfit selections for big spenders
  • Option to not wear glasses / eyes now animate
  • VZfit.com page for managing rides is dramatically improved
  • Can now link directly to a ride on vzfit.com/rides
  • Preparation for major changes to profanity filtering
  • Visualization of the autosteer path improved (found in the Options menu)
  • Find Ride settings/filters are saved for when you return
  • Improved the heads-up-display
  • Options menus have been reorganized
  • User interface improvements
  • Automatically login to VZplay the first time you launch it from VZfit
  • Use “Strava distance” for stats rather than “Fitbit distance” which didn’t consider hills, speed limits or difficulty. VZcals now serve that need and work with power devices.
  • Added support to handle FTMS resistance for users using the qdomyos-zwift app to convert smart trainers.


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