VZfit Update: April 2022

1.6.0 Update

Earth Day Challenge is on its way

  • This challenge will include a unique benefit, as a real tree will be planted for each first time completion of one of the challenge rides in the actual location where the ride takes place!

VZplay games are now inside VZfit!

  • No more launching a different app to play them
  • No need to log into VZplay separately
  • Device connection is maintained when switching between VZplay and VZfit

Other Features

  • Authentic speed mode and inclination control option added for FTMS devices
  • Heart rate data can now be displayed for FTMS devices that provide it.  For most other bike devices the third-party QZ application can add FTMS heartrate support, including Apple Watch.
  • Improved ride creation interface
  • On the Challenge Rides panel we now show your Max % Complete for each of the rides.
  • There is now a Device Stats button on the Device page for collecting bike device metrics in troubleshooting situations
  • Attempt to reload route info multiple times if we fail on startup
  • There is now a clearer distinction between a VZfit Profile (where your stats are stored) and your Account, with the latter being a reflection of the subscription status of the Oculus Username associated with the current headset


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