VZfit Update: November 2022

2.0.0 VZfit Update

Pin Point! Full Release

  • This is a location guessing game where we give you a daily puzzle with 10 minutes to complete 5 rounds of guessing where in the world you started.
  • Highest possible score per round is 5000, the closer to the exact STARTING location of the ride, the higher the score.
  • Includes a practice mode where you can attempt as many different location guesses as you wish.
  • Leaderboards including a system wide Top 5!
  • Collect trophies and compete with others for bragging rights.

    Pin Point Tips

  • The braking and high rez views are very helpful here.
  • Only riding time counts against the 10 minute clock in the daily puzzle, so take your time guessing and placing your marker.
  • Time is not factored into your score, so feel free to use the whole 10 minutes.
  • All starting locations are generated from an existing shared ride.

Subscription Changes

  • Monthly subscription price for NEW subscriptions has been increased from $9.99 to $11.99.
  • Current subscribers will remain at $9.99 while their subscription is active.
  • Annual subscription price remains $99.99 but now has a 14 day trial.
  • Free mode, 10 free minutes per day, is still available after canceling a subscription or trial.
  • Only riding time counts against the 10 minute free per day.

Other Notes

  • Strava uploading is updated to included elevation and heart rate data when available.
  • Real-time elevation data is now shown in the HUD as grade
  • Authentic Mode and Dynamic Resistance now work in Slideshow Mode
  • Guided Ride Notes should be easier to read in Slideshow Mode


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