Just How Fast Is a Pegasus?

If you like tracking your stats after a VirZOOM workout, you’ve probably noticed an unusual metric alongside score, heart rate, and speed: not just distance biked, but virtual kilometers traveled. What does that even mean? Telling you how far you’ve traveled or how fast you move is a tricky business when you never leave your living … Read more

Play vSports for Prizes This Weekend!

This weekend, 24 virtual reality venues across the US and Canada will be hosting the first public VirZOOM vSports Tournament in our tank battleground, Winterstan! The highest three scorers between all participating venues will win thousands of dollars in prizes generously provided by our partners at HTC, AMD, and Fitbit – including a fully VR-ready PC, HTC Vive VR headset, … Read more

Ghost Riders in the Sky (and at the Races)

Ever find yourself looking through a giant, transparent robot, towering high above you? Don’t be alarmed: You’ve just spotted a ghost, a sort of “instant replay” showing how you or other players have performed in game. We recently expanded how, when, and where ghosts appear in VirZOOM Arcade, so we wanted to give a heads up before you start wondering who you’re gonna call. … Read more

Upgrade Your Avatar & Make a Special Delivery at GDC

This week’s update brings a number of tweaks and fixes: We’ve optimized several games for appropriately quick rounds in Hotseat mode, made it easier to track where you’re at with your weekly calorie goal in the main menu, produced some fancy-pants lily pad physics to Kayak, and added the option to purchase items with credits in Steam (which you can … Read more

Revamped Racecar & PSN Europe Launch

This week’s update brings some more hotly anticipated features and announcements: new and improved Racecar gameplay, improvements to shouts, and VirZOOM Arcade availability on PlayStation Network Europe! So what’s new in Racecar? We’ll get into the details in a later post, but suffice to say, we’ve distilled the best things about Racecar into a version that works a lot … Read more

Make a Special Delivery with VirZOOM

We’re pleased to offer one answer to two of our most frequently asked questions today: What games can I use my bike to play in addition to VirZOOM Arcade? And why don’t you guys do Paperboy in VR? Well, good news: Meerkat Gaming brings you Special Delivery, and with their latest public beta, you can now play it with your VirZOOM bike! Meerkat notes on … Read more

Need Some Tension Control?

Doctors, trainers, therapists, and Pegasuses all agree: Exercise is a great way to manage stress and reduce tension. There’s one kind of tension you might actually want to increase in your VirZOOM workouts, though, and that’s pedaling resistance. With the tension control knob just underneath your handlebars, you can control how hard a workout you get. And in one game … Read more

The Ghost(s) of VirZOOM Future

This week brings a number of updates, an eagerly anticipated announcement, and a bunch of shouting ghosts. Let’s get right to it! Ghosts in VirZOOM Arcade: If you’ve ever played a Friend Challenge, you might have seen “ghosts” – translucent avatars showing replays of your own and others’ earlier attempts at that challenge. We’ve now added that feature … Read more