Time to Earn Your Wings

If you play VirZOOM Arcade on Gear VR or Daydream, this week’s update is for you. With the addition of two Pegasus games, you can go farther than you ever could by bicycle, horseback, or tank—or farther up, at least. And if you’re a seasoned VirZOOM player who read that and suddenly went, “Wait, there are multiple Pegasus games?”, then maybe it’s time for a refresher!

First up, let’s go over Gate Race. Follow a trail around the canyon edge, earning a higher bonus if you can pass through each gate quickly. If your fellow racers leave you in their dust, don’t forget to pass through apples as you race to fill up your energy. (You can see how much energy you have by looking up a bit, straight ahead.) Take flight anytime to skip ahead on the track, but make sure you have enough energy—you’ll lose valuable time if you can’t make it back to the track!

If you’re more the exploring type, don’t worry—you can wander the map wherever you like in Gem Hunt. If you’re looking to push yourself, hustle to make good time between gems, collect every gem in a row for a momentary speed boost, and pedal harder to deliver heavy gold bars to the end of the rainbow. (Somebody’s got to make sure rainbows stay well stocked, after all.) Or if you’re just looking for a leisurely flight to cool down at the end of a workout, Gem Hunt gives you ten minutes to fly and glide to your heart’s content, no apples needed.

Just one heads up, though: If you’re new to VR, you might want to practice roping bandits, cycling the countryside, or shooting tanks a bit more before you get into the Pegasus games. Flying around is one of our most intense VR experiences, and there’s no shame in pacing yourself until you get used to moving around. Playing even just a little bit on the virtual ground every day for a couple weeks is often enough to leave you comfortable gliding and diving with the best.

What kinds of flying experiences do you want to see? Drop by the forums and let us know!


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