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VirZOOM & Samsung at Mobile World Congress Americas

We’re proud to be featured this year by Samsung, the world’s largest mobile VR player, at this year’s Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco’s Moscone Center, September 12-14. Samsung’s 1,120 square foot VR and Wearables booth (Mascone West Hall booth number W.402) will be dedicated to VirZOOM and supported by Life Fitness and Nautilus, and VirZOOM will also be featured at Samsung’s 5,720 square foot main mobile products booth (North Hall booth #N.642). Attendees will have a chance to ride any of our three VZ Bike Controllers, three commercial-grade Life Fitness bikes running VirZOOM Arcade with their own built-in controls, and three Nautilus bikes featuring our lightweight and easy-to-set-up VZ Sensor (which is still available at a pre-order discount until release this fall).

Mobile VR has come a long way in a short time, and we’ve been working hard to take advantage of that advancement to bring VirZOOM Arcade to more players than ever before. We now have eight games featuring six of our avatars playable on mobile headsets, including a high-flying pegasus gem hunt, a cross country bicycle race, and a fast-paced, head-to-head tank battle. We’ve also been able to make VirZOOM playable on even more bikes, both at home and the gym. And because VirZOOM Arcade games are free to download and play, reaching more players means even more workout buddies and more dedicated competition in our live multiplayer games.

Got any questions about our hardware, games, or upcoming events? Drop by our forums, or email us at!


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