VirZOOM Launches on Windows Mixed Reality

We’re proud to announce that VirZOOM Arcade will soon be on Windows Mixed Reality. The PC version of our full collection of VR exercise games will be available to download from the Microsoft Store in time for the platform’s upcoming launch, and compatible with our VZ Bike, VZ Sensor, and VirZOOM-ready bikes in participating gyms.

Windows Mixed Reality promises to be an excellent option for those who want to get fit with a top-of-the-line VR gaming experience. Windows Mixed Reality-ready PCs range from compact and portable machines to robust and powerful gaming rigs, and manufacturers like Acer, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, and HP are offering a range of headset options. Here at VirZOOM, we’ve been impressed that Windows Mixed Reality headsets are lightweight, with a single-wire tether—big pluses for working out—and available at some friendly price points for those who’ve been wondering whether it was time to take the plunge into PC-based VR.

For more information on Windows Mixed Reality compatible headsets and PCs, or to sign up for updates and announcements about Windows Mixed Reality, check out Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality website. If you’re still looking for the best way to get on VirZOOM, check out our own website for information on a VZ Bike with integrated gaming controls and resistance settings, or a VZ Sensor you can use easily with your own exercise bike. And if you’ve already taken advantage of the VZ Sensor pre-order discount, keep an eye on the mail—packages are on track to ship by the end of the month!


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