Fueled Up & Ready to Ride

Two more games make their way to the mobile version of VirZOOM Arcade this week: River Run and the Racecar oval track. We know from our telemetry stats that these two are less trafficked than some other games, but we also know from survey data that they’re beloved by those who get their thrills from high speeds and oncoming danger. If you haven’t spent much time with them, drop in this week and make a mark on a new leaderboard!

Racecar saw a major revamp earlier this year, going from a strictly head-to-head race to a drop-in, drop-out multiplayer experience like our other games. Race two laps to establish a good pace, and from then on, beat your last lap’s time to keep in the game, passing other drivers for bonus coins whenever you can. As a tip, we’d advise you to be strategic about when you deploy speed boosts, which you pick up by driving through blue crates on the track. You can carry multiple boosts at a time, but triggering the boost gradually drains all your stored-up energy, so try to line up with a straightaway before you rocket forward. 

River Run, meanwhile, is a single-player game that goes as long as you can stay aloft. Collect fuel cans by flying through them (not shooting them, as amusing as it is to see them blow up). Take out turrets for coins, and dodge their missiles or suffer extra fuel loss when hit. Our biggest tip for this game is to be patient with shielded turrets, which appear in later play: Hold your trigger down to line up a shot against them, and release while the shield is still up, timing so your shot will hit as soon as the shield goes down. 

As a general reminder, sharp turns and daredevil flights definitely count among our more intense VR experiences. If you’re new to VR fitness, try practicing on Jailbreak! and Le Tour awhile until you get used to the basics. And don’t forget to drop by the forums to keep us posted on which kinds of games and exercises work best for you!


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