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We like to say that VirZOOM offers “VR that moves you,” but it’s just as true to say that our users move us. We’re lucky to have a motivated community giving us a ton of great feedback, and we’re looking forward to getting even more. Please drop by to let us know how you use VirZOOM and what you’re most excited to see from us in the future. Just in case you’re not sure whether we’re listening, consider updates and changes from the last year alone that came about from input on our 2017 all-users survey:

  • Fully integrated streaming radio on every platform with
  • A new Tank map, Thunder Bowl, with speed-boost pickups
  • Scenic detours, improved AI behavior, and multiplayer capability in Le Tour
  • Expanded “ghost” replay functionality across multiple modes
  • A full revamp of our Racecar games to make them more friendly to drop-in, drop-out play
  • PC/PS4 multiplayer crossplay capabilities
  • A new heads-up display for easier-to-find workout stats – just look up while playing!
  • New firmware that makes it easier to use multiple bikes in the same place
  • Reorganized UI to make it quicker to reach the most used features
  • Additional avatar options
  • In-game “shout” messaging
  • Gameplay tweaks for comfort and challenge in River Run, Gate Race, and Gem Hunt
  • VirZOOM Arcade availability on even more platforms, including Windows Mixed Reality, Daydream, and Gear VR

And coming soon, the eagerly anticipated response to our most frequent requests: more cycling maps, and more games! We’re currently playtesting a new coastal cycling route, in addition to some secret stuff we’re excited to tell you more about as soon as we can. You may have also heard that VirZOOM’s making its way into fitness and wellness centers around the world, so we’ve been spending some time making VirZOOM Arcade’s interface even more approachable. We’re looking forward to rolling out those improvements to PC and PlayStation users as well in our next update.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some variety in your VirZOOM workout routine, consider meeting up with other players in Winterstan! VirZOOM investor and dedicated player James has started a WhatsApp group chat to set up group play. Join by downloading and registering on WhatsApp, then reaching out to And don’t forget to add him as a friend (username arcanadana) at!


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