Ride Sharing and More

Last week we released a bunch of improvements to Explorer rides! Every ride now has a start, end, and directions between them. The path is white rather than yellow dots, with distance to the end and % progress in your HUD. When creating a ride, we can record whatever path you take until you end … Read more

Your Virtual Trainer

There’s a virtual trainer in VZfit Explorer to guide you along popular workout routines. You can enable her or him on any route by selecting between No Trainer->Female Trainer->Male Trainer on the Options menu. The trainer will start riding next to you, your job is just to keep up! They will push you between Light, … Read more

Prize Events

Events are a feature of VZfit Play that challenge everyone to play a particular game for a global leaderboard ranking and chance to win prizes. Our Pedalsephone event (a play on the goddess of spring) began when we launched VZfit for home users. All users who play have a chance to win the prize based … Read more

VZfit Sensor Kit & Oculus Go Giveaway!

We are SO excited to be a part of Snap Kitchen’s birthday week giveaway! Snap Kitchen is a meal delivery service that delivers healthy, handmade meals for busy people. To celebrate their 9th birthday they are hosting a giveaway on their Instagram page. You can enter for a chance to win a VZfit Sensor Kit … Read more

Boston Marathon Update & Livestream

We’re excited to announce a special VZfit Explorer update, available now, that allows you to bike the Boston Marathon. The crew at Laugh Boston will also be livestreaming it starting at 10 AM alongside the actual race. Watch along on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Improvasylum/. Riding the marathon in VR with VZfit will give you a whole … Read more

You’ve Got Stats

VZfit measures you in lots of ways to improve and motivate your workouts. We’ve just updated vzfit.com/stats to show your total spins and percentile compared to other players, number of workouts by spins, completed Play goals, stars on each Play game, and number of Explorer locations by spins. Remember, vzfit.com works on your phone as … Read more

Now Offering VZfit Sensor Kit Yearly Subscription

By popular demand, we are now offering a discounted yearly VZfit Sensor Kit subscription! You can save 33% by opting for $119.95 per year subscription, which works out to only $9.99 per month! If you want to convert your monthly license to yearly, click “Cancel license” from vzfit.com/account.  Your license will still be good through … Read more

Track Your Spins

Our new riders on VZfit Play and Explorer this past week have completed over 92,000 Spins! A Spin is considered one full pedal rotation. Measuring spins gives us a more accurate and useful measure of your workout, comparable to how Fitbit measures steps. That’s the equivalent of 255 miles at an average touring resistance on … Read more

Attaching the Sensor Kit

The VZfit Sensor Kit starts shipping on Monday, so here are our tips on attaching the Speed Sensor and Action Button to your bike. SPEED SENSOR The Sensor measures rotation of your pedal crank, and can be mounted to the inside or outside of either crank arm. The inside is preferable if there’s enough space … Read more

What Bike Do You Like?

One of the great things about the VZfit Sensor Kit with Oculus Go or Quest is that it adapts to any stationary bike. This allows users to choose a bike that fits their comfort level and budget. There’s a wide variety of stationary bikes on the market, but here are a few options: Folding Upright … Read more