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Head-to-Head Games with Voice Chat

We’ve added Voice Chat to all head-to-head Play games, including Thunderbowl, Race Curvy and Oval, Gate Race, and Le Tour.

Once you start head-to-head with the “VS” button, you can talk to the other player without any other settings. If either of you wants to stop hearing and being heard, just toggle off the Voice Chat setting in the Options menu. You can also adjust Voice Volume relative to Music and FX.

If you’ve never tried head-to-head, players are paired off into matchups with a winner declared after 5 minutes, laps, or gates depending on game. The first player to join plays solo until the second person joins and the match begins. Note that avatar upgrades you earn from total coins work in head-to-head, for instance pitting Giant Mechs against tanks in Thunderbowl.

We keep track of your head-to-head wins, which will go on your and special head-to-head Events, like the Tank Battle tonight from 8-11 PM. Feel free to use the VZfit Community page or to organize your own matchups!


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