Your Virtual Trainer

There’s a virtual trainer in VZfit Explorer to guide you along popular workout routines. You can enable her or him on any route by selecting between No Trainer->Female Trainer->Male Trainer on the Options menu. The trainer will start riding next to you, your job is just to keep up!

They will push you between Light, Medium, Hard, and All Out speeds depending on the workout type. The remaining time in each speed section is shown above the trainer. You can select between Interval Workout->Heart Workout->Tabata Workout->HIIT Workout->Touring Workout on the Options menu to find what works best for you.

Along the way, the trainer will let you know how you are doing by voice and animations. If you feel like you are pedaling too fast or too slow to keep up with them, adjust your Difficulty from 1-8 in the HUD, or manually adjust the resistance on your bike.

If you just want them to ride along for company, choose the Touring workout which has a constant Medium speed. In the future we plan to give you real company with other live riders, and you could follow a live spin instructor along a custom route. But you’ll always have our virtual trainer when they aren’t around!


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