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You’ve Got Stats

VZfit measures you in lots of ways to improve and motivate your workouts.

We’ve just updated to show your total spins and percentile compared to other players, number of workouts by spins, completed Play goals, stars on each Play game, and number of Explorer locations by spins.

Remember, works on your phone as well as desktop, so you can always check your progress! Use your phone’s “Share to home screen” to make a quick link that works like an app.

Your stats are now linked to your forum posts and profile and Event leaderboards, for other players to find and see. If you want to keep them private there’s an option on your page.

All of your Play goals and stars are also visible in game. Goals are long-term objectives such as riding the virtual distance from Boston to NY. Find them under the main menu button, and see your progress toward each before you complete it. Stars are awarded for your highest score in each game by workout time. We’ve tuned the levels for 1, 2, and 3 stars to show effort, hard work, and real mastery.

UPDATE: The stats page now includes Play avatar unlocks, Explorer ride completions, and leaderboards for every Play game, Explorer suggested ride, and total Spins.

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