Boston Marathon Update & Livestream

We’re excited to announce a special VZfit Explorer update, available now, that allows you to bike the Boston Marathon. The crew at Laugh Boston will also be livestreaming it starting at 10 AM alongside the actual race. Watch along on Facebook at

Riding the marathon in VR with VZfit will give you a whole new appreciation for it and our hometown. In Suggested Rides you’ll now see a Boston Marathon page. Start with the runners (26 miles) or at a famous places along the route like Heartbreak Hill. Follow the white dots to get to the finish line–yellow dots go off the path. The HUD will show your distance from finish and percentage complete. The whole path is about 8,900 spins, which you can do in multiple sessions from your home or gym, unlike the runners. Good luck and enjoy the race!

To learn more about VZfit, the portable and affordable VR system for any stationary bike, head over to


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