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Prize Events

Events are a feature of VZfit Play that challenge everyone to play a particular game for a global leaderboard ranking and chance to win prizes.

Our Pedalsephone event (a play on the goddess of spring) began when we launched VZfit for home users. All users who play have a chance to win the prize based on their relative score at the end of the event. It was a close race for the top spots, and congratulations to Oakes for having the highest odds and winning the prize!

“I’ve been busting out 3-5 20 minute sessions daily for a few weeks now. Thanks to VZ for these events and for finally settling on one platform so that further development can proceed. We are all eager to see future new games. Good luck to everyone in this event!”


We’ve started a new two-week Thunderbowl event and plan to keep them rolling, along with new ideas like head-to-head events at specific times to bring users together for online races and battles.

Interested to see current and past events? Signup for free at and goto!


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