Explorer Multiplayer is Here!

After much anticipation, we are thrilled to announce that multiplayer is now available for VZfit Explorer! It’s now possible to ride and chat with another live player along the same route. This is an initial implementation of this feature that we look forward to improving based on your feedback!

To get started, both players must have “Matchups Enabled” on the More menu.  (They are disabled by default.)

By enabling matchups, you can then “Find Matchup” on the More menu, which lists all the online players that have enabled matchups.

Finally, just click on a player to join their ride. You’ll be able to see the other rider, including their head movements and steering, and speak with them through voice chat.

A note about the how matchups work:  “Find Matchups” only lists enabled players who are not also looking for a matchup, but rather already on a ride. What this means is if two players want to match up, only one of them should look for the other on the “Find Matchups” page.

That being said, we recommend trying to line up rides on our VZfit forum, Facebook community page, or look for VZfit on Discord.

Whether you’re just looking for a riding companion, or a friendly challenge, riding with other live players is a blast and a great way to stay motivated.

If you snap a few pics remember to tag us @VirZoom on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and let us know what you love!



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