Marathon Runner and Fitness Blogger Sabrina Wieser Cross Trains with VZfit

Sabrina Wieser is a New York City based marathon runner and fitness blogger who spreads the power of running and fitness to the world as a certified coach and athlete. 

I love to inspire others and motivate them to become a better version of themselves through wellness of mind, body and a lot of laughter. RunningBrina Blog


Sabrina is passionate about motivating others to become a better version of themselves, which makes her a great brand ambassador for VZfit. 

I had searched for ways to make indoor cycling more interesting and was thrilled when my friends from @virzoom turned my regular workout into a virtual reality experience


Sabrina is currently training for the Berlin Marathon: one of the largest and most famous marathons in the world! On her cross training days she uses VZfit Explorer to help her prepare for the marathon

Sabrina at the 2018 Berlin Marathon

The most fun thing was that VZexplorer allows you to ride real-world routes using Google Streetview data. So I went back to 📍Bielefeld, my home town in Germany. This was probably the coolest bike ride, I’ve ever had in a long time!

You can follow Sabrina’s journey to the 2019 Berlin Marathon on her blog or Instagram account.

Good luck, Sabrina!



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