Explore the Alps!

The Alps is one of the world’s top destinations for cycling, so we knew we needed to include part of it as a suggested ride in VZfit Explorer. We mapped out a 5 mile scenic route from France to the border or Switzerland, but the whole mountain range provides 1,200 km of beauty to explore!

For the first half of the ride you’ll be cycling through the lush greenery of the Alps. You’ll be blown away as you wind through the mountains.

About half way through the ride you’ll enter the sleepy town of Vallorcine that has a population of only 409 people! 

As you ride through the town you’ll see many classic Swiss chalet style homes that’ll have you daydreaming about hot chocolate by the fireplace. 

Once you near the end of the ride you’ll notice the Mount Blanc Express train (named after the highest mountain in the Alps) that transports passengers through the Alps from France to Switzerland.

Many of the passengers on the Mount Blanc will stop at Le Buet where they can jump on the La Poya Ski Lift! You’ll ride right by it about half way through the route.

The ride finishes right at the border of France and Switzerland. This route is only 5 of 750 miles of The Alps, leaving lots more to explore! Let us know if you find another great route through The Alps.

Check out this curated ride anytime and remember you can always make your own. If you snap a few pics remember to tag us @VirZoom on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and let us know what you love. 




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