VZfit Suggested Ride: Strada Provinciale, Italy

Take a trip through the stunning provinces of Northern Italy. This ride takes you on a beautiful route that passes the epic lake of Lago Di Vernago Vernagt-Stausee as well as the majestic peak of Madonna di Senales Unser Frau. Coast through the automotive towns on the Strada Provinciale (Provincial Road) and pass quaint villages and towns through the breath-taking Italian countryside.

Vernagt Seerundeweg

This Suggested Ride starts in the Schnals commune located in the autonomous province of South Tyrol, Italy. This epic landscape borders the country of Austria and hosts many natural beauties and enchanting Italian villages. From Schnals, the route will take you through the Vernagt Seerundeweg. This is a beautiful park packed with nature trails and gives you a wonderful view of everything this piece of land has to offer. The Vernagt Seerundeweg park is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts when visiting this part of Italy.

Lago di Vernago Vernagt-Stausee

One of the main attractions of the Vernagt Seerundeweg is the Lago di Vernago Vernagt-Stausee. Its deep blue and emerald green waters are captivating and sure to add some majestic scenery to your ride. Lago di Vernago, also called Lake Vernago, is a man-made lake that is the result of a 65-m dam built in the 1950s. It sits in the beautiful Val Senales valley west of Moreno. Views of the lake are framed by mountains and beautiful green trees.

The emerald green waters of Lago di Vernago will serve beautiful visuals for a few kilometers as you make your way across the eastern edge of the majestic lake. Take in the green slopes of the foothills as they turn into the epic mountains forming the valley that the Strada Provinciale runs through.

Madonna di Senales Unser Frau

As you make your way along this Suggested Ride: Strada Provinciale, Italy, you’ll pass the location of the Madonna di Senales Unser Frau. This is a religious fixture and has widely been used as a place of pilgrimage for over 700 years. This location became a point of religious interest in the 14th century when it is commonly believed a statue of Our Lady was found. This small and quaint town is surrounded by the beautiful and majestic peaks of the Val Senales mountains.

Zona Industriale and Certosa Karthaus

About half-way through this 21 km ride, you’ll pass through Zona Industriale and Certosa Karthaus. Certosa Karthaus is a town with a very interesting history. The town was established at the location of a monastery that has now evolved into a full town. Visitors to Certosa Karthaus notice the resounding silence of the town. The silence is a result of the practices of the original inhabitants. The “Silentium” project is a cultural project based around the monks that practiced there for over 450 years. Silence, prayer, and their white robes were the cornerstones of this monastery that eventually formed into the village it is today. You may not be able to experience the striking silence but you may see the Carthusian monastery around which the town was built.

Monte Santa Caterina Katherinaburg

As you make your way through the second half of this amazing ride through Northern Italy, look out into the Val Senales mountains and see if you can’t locate a church perched on top of steep rocks in the range. This church is the Monte Santa Caterina. This epic and eye-catching church high in the rocks of the mountains was established on top of the Senales Castle where it once stood. The church has been consecrated to St. Catherine of Alexandria. As you pass the Monte Santa Caterina Church, you’ll see the valley of the Val Senales mountains open back up to epic views of the Northern Italian Landscape.

End Of The Ride

This 22 km Suggested Ride comes to a close in Juvale, Italy. This very small village acts at the finish line. We’re sure you’ll feel great after getting a quick workout in and taking in all the views. This beautiful ride curves in the valley of the beautiful Val Senales mountains and takes you past both historic and natural wonders along the way. The country of Italy boasts diverse landscapes from the beaches and seas of Southern Italy to the alpine mountain ranges of the northern part of the country. This ride allows you to experience a relatively less popular section of the popular destination country and get exercise as well. Happy riding!


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