VZfit Suggested Ride: Alpes, France

The French Alps are world famous for their staggering beauty and the way they add to the beauty of the French landscape. On this VZfit Suggested Ride through Alpes, France, you’ll get to take in some of the incredible natural beauty offered by this world-renowned Alps range. The French Alps are a popular vacation destination for travelers, adventurers and tourists alike. The sublime beauty of this range has inspired art and poetry for centuries.

On this 8.2 km curated ride though the French Alps, you’ll get to take in some of the mountains as well as the quaint cultural villages along the way. You’re sure to enjoy the epic views and scenes as you make your way on this gorgeous ride. Let’s take a look at some of the natural splendor you’ll get to see on this fun ride while you get a good workout.

Rte de Montets

This VZfit Suggested Ride: Alpes, France starts on the Rte de Montets. This road will take you through some of the gorgeous and alluring villages through this section of the French Alps. You’ll get to see ski resorts, the peaks of various incredible mountains that are part of the epic range, and the culturally rich villages.

This 8.2 km ride offers a great workout while providing beautiful landscapes of the vast French Alps. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the Rte de Montets as you get to see some of the various locations that act as popular tourist destinations for skiers, adventurers, and nature lovers around the world.

Tre Le Champ Le Bas

The hike to Mont Blanc is an epic and treacherous one. The mountain itself has inspired poetry and art work for centuries and many adventurous individuals take the endeavor on to this day. There are stages of the hike to Mont Blanc and Tre Le Champ Le Bas is Stage 10 of the Tour du Mont Blanc. As you cycle past, it’s easy to see why this epic trek to the summit is so alluring to hikers around the world.

This stage of the hike offers views of jagged granite peaks with snow caps. The base of this section of the range is heavily forested. Take in the views of the beautiful trees with the Alps framing in the background.

Tre Le Champ Le Haut

Tre Le Champ Le Haut is a beautiful location and destination for those looking to get in some hiking, climbing, and camping. Explorers of this area will have to climb dangerous ladders to reach the high elevation of the beautiful mountains. This is another part of the epic trek of the Tour du Mont Blanc. Experience the beauty that calls adventurers from around the world as you continue on this beautiful and entertaining virtual ride.

Domaine de la Poya

Domaine de la Poya is a popular ski destination for those in this area of France. The peaks are beautiful and perfect for a fun and exhilarating day of skiing in the French Alps. As you continue on this VZfit Suggested Ride through Alpes, France, you’ll get to pass the ski area while taking in the epic landscape it sits on. The incredible peaks of the mountains on this section of the Alps range are amazing to take in as you get in your workout.


Vallorcine is the last village in the Mont BLanc Valley before crossing over into Switzerland. It is a popular vacation destination for tourists to explore. The French commune offers a wonderful mix of natural beauty and authentic character in its retention of its unique culture. Vallorcine is often referred to as the “Valley of Bears” and offers year round enjoyment for those looking to take in the French culture while also getting to experience the epic natural characteristics of the landscape. With waterfalls, mountain peaks, rivers, and more, it is easy to see why so many nature enthusiasts flock to this area to experience all it has to offer.

In A Nutshell

The VZfit Suggested Ride: Alpes, France is a fantastic curated ride for those looking to get a workout while experiencing natural beauty from a different part of the world. Between the majestic mountain peaks and ranges, dense wooded forests, and culturally authentic villages, you’re sure to enjoy every bit of this curated ride. The Alps and Mont Blanc are among the most famous in the world. Enjoying them from the comfort of your home through VZfit is an incredible way to take in some of the most beautiful places in the world while getting a fantastic workout.


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