Road to 24k Challenge: Week 3


On the seventh ride of the January Challenge with VZfit, you’ll get to take in a gorgeous 8 km ride through the northern area of Ukraine. Let’s take a look at what to expect on this curated VZfit challenge ride through Ukraine. 

Seymskiy Regional Landscape Park

As you begin to take this ride through northern Ukraine, you’ll pass through the Seymskiy Regional Landscape Park. This area was established as a landscape park to showcase the flora and fauna of the area while providing a refuge for wildlife that people could also enjoy recreationally. 

The park is full of tall pine trees and is home to many different species of wildlife. Elk, deer, boar, beavers, and even bison are known to call this land home. As you make your way on the ride, you’ll get to see the beautiful landscape that is home to diverse wildlife. Many people also find the Seymskiy Regional Landscape Park to be a hub for wild and rare birds. 

Seym River

The Seymskiy Regional Landscape Park sits on the banks of the Seym River. At various points on this ride, you’ll get to take in the long and flowing Seym River. This nearly 800 km river flows through both Russia and Ukraine and provides beautiful views and water for the area. 

Northern Ukraine

The northern section of Ukraine that this ride takes place in is mostly flat with lots of fertile planes. Mountains can be found in the west and south but lucky for cyclists, it is mostly flat in the north. The closest bordering country to this section is Russia. Take in the beautiful sights on this curated ride of the Northern part of Ukraine. 


For the eighth ride of the Challenge, we are taking you to the beautiful country of Scotland. Enjoy the sights and views from the comfort of your home while getting a workout. Scotland is a very popular tourist destination in Europe. With lush green rolling hills, epic cliffs, and majestic coastal views, there is no wonder why so many people flock to Scotland to take in the beautiful nature.

Shetland Islands

This 10 km ride through Scotland will take you on a route in the Shetland Islands. The Shetland Islands are a small group of islands north of the Scottish mainland. The archipelago of the Shetland Islands sits between the Orkney and Faroe Islands as well as Norway. This is very far north! Enjoy the beauty of these islands without having to brave the cold and extreme temperatures of January in Shetland. 


As you begin this ride through the Shetland Islands of Scotland, you’ll cycle through the small village of Vidlin. This quaint coastal village features views of rolling green hills and coastal beauty. Take in the views as you make your way south through this area of the Shetland Islands. 


As you continue on the ride, you’ll take in plenty of coastal views from the archipelago of the Shetland Islands as you get good exercise. A little more than halfway through the ride you’ll pass through the small settlement of Laxo. This settlement is quaint and charming with views of the sea as well as a small community of houses. 


On the ninth Challenge ride from VZfit, you’ll get a taste of this epically beautiful island from the comfort of your own home. Let’s take a look at what to expect on this fun and exciting 10 km cycling ride through the enchanting island of Tasmania. 

Tasman Sea

This ride takes you on an adventure along the eastern coast of the island of Tasmania. You’ll get epic views of various beaches and coastlines that sit on the Tasman Sea. The beautiful sea provides an epic and gorgeous view for you as you make your way along the curated ride through Tasmania. 

Dennison Beach

As you continue on this fun and enchanting ride through Tasmania, you’ll cycle past Dennison Beach. Take in the pristine white sands and gorgeous blue waters as you enjoy this adventure ride through Tasmania. Dennison Beach is a very popular destination for tourists and locals to get some sun and take a swim in the warmer months. 

MacLean Bay

Further along the ride through Tasmania, you’ll pass along MacLean Bay. MacLean Bay is breathtaking and has gorgeous water and coastline as you get a great workout. This bay sits in the Tasman Sea and provides a fantastic landscape for the area’s beaches. 

Douglas River

At the end of this curated ride through Tasmania, you’ll find yourself with incredible views of the Douglas River. This river flows out to the Tasman Sea through MacLean Bay. Take in the views and feel great about completing the 10 km ride and another notch of the January Challenge. 


On the tenth ride for challenge, you’ll get to cycle through beautiful and enchanting Rome. As a top tourist destination, you’ll get to take in the beautiful scenery and historical architecture dating back thousands of years.

Villa Di Massenzio

As you begin the ride through Rome, you’ll pass the Villa Di Massenzio. This archaeological site once belonged to Emperor Maxentius who was an adversary of Constantine way back in 312 AD. The historical significance of these ruins calls tourists and archaeological buffs alike to its walls. Visitors can walk through the ruins which consist of a circus, palace, and dynastic mausoleum. Take in the beauty and envision the lively events that occurred long ago on this land as you get your workout.

Via Appia Antica

At the time it was created in 312 BC, Via Appia Antica was a wonder. It is essentially the first European super highway connecting Rome to Capua. Eventually, the road would span an impressive 400 miles providing gateways to Brindisi. From here, Roman ships could successfully travel to Greece and Egypt.

Complesso Di Santa Maria Nova

As you continue on the ride, you’ll pass the Complesso Di Santa Maria Nova. This Renaissance-style Roman Catholic church and monastery. Today, it is a beautiful space that hosts the Museo ARCA of modern religious art. Take in the beauty of the structure as you continue on this VZfit ride.

Mausoleum Of Casal Rotondo

The Casal Rotondo is the largest tomb on Via Appia Antica. The mausoleum dates back to 30 BC providing yet another example of historical wonder to this VZfit ride. The Casal Rotondo marks the end of this epic January Challenge ride through Rome.


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