Road to 24k Challenge: Week 6

These are the last rides of the Road to 24k! 🎉 Hopefully you have stuck with the training plan and are feeling excited for the longest ride yet. Our team has been excited to see all of your snapshots and encouragement throughout this challenge and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts! 


For the 18th day of the Road to 24k challenge, you’ll get to cycle a beautifully curated route through Vermont. On this 15 km ride, you’ll get to see much of the natural beauty that makes this state so famous while getting a great workout. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to experience on this beautiful ride through Vermont. 

Dead Creek

As you begin this gorgeous ride filled with natural views through Vermont, you’ll pass Dead Creek. This flowing waterway acts as a habitat and home for many different species and is protected as a Wildlife Management Area. While the area itself is a protected refuge, you can still take in the epic views offered from the roadside as you cycle through this incredible landscape. 

Lake Champlain Bridge

As you continue to cycle along this route through the gorgeous green mountain state of Vermont, you’ll cross over the Lake Champlain bridge. The bridge crosses the gorgeous Lake Champlain and connects the Vermont side of the lake to the New York side. Built back in 2011, the Lake Champlain bridge replaced the previous structure that was demolished in 2009. 

Enjoy the sights of the beautiful lake as you cross the state border from Vermont into New York. Lake Champlain attracts tourists and visitors from all over. In the summer, visitors enjoy boating, fishing, and other watersports. During the winter months, Lake Champlain becomes an epic space for ice skating and winter sports.

His Majesty’s Fort At Crown Point

Once you successfully cross the Lake Champlain bridge, you’ll end up in New York state. At the end of the ride, you’ll encounter His Majesty’s Fort At Crown Point. It was built in 1759 and is the result of American and British troops from the New England and New York colonies. 

In the 1730s, the French built a fortress at Crown Point as well adding the historical structure and beauty of the area. The fort has seen quite a lot of action over the centuries and offers an epic historical trip on this exciting curated ride through Vermont. 

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are beautiful and coveted for their incredible natural beauty and scenery. With black sand beaches, volcanic terrain, lush forests, and gorgeous ocean views, the Canary Islands offer some truly breathtaking places to visit. The islands themselves are part of an autonomous Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic ocean. 

While it may not be as easy to travel to the Canary Islands with airfare and other expenses, you can take in much of the beauty from the comfort of your home with VZfit. Travel to the beautiful Canary Islands and get some great cycling on Day 19 of the challenge. This 9 km ride is packed with beautiful terrain. Let’s take a look at what you’ll get to see during your workout.

Pista Rural Ruta de los Volcanes

The curated 9 km cycling route through the Canary Islands takes place on the Cam. Pista Rural Ruta de los Volcanes. This road is part of the series of roads that make up Ruta de los Volcanes and takes you on a scenic route through the volcanic terrain of these beautiful islands. Along this route, you’ll get the chance to see the beauty and epic terrain of the island’s volcanoes and the epic lava left behind from eruptions that occurred centuries ago. Enjoy this scenic road as you get some great exercise. 

El Volcan

Ruta de los Volcanes is an epic road that traverses the rugged landscape that is home to the Cuervo Volcano. The Cuervo Volcano was formed after the eruption of the Timanfaya volcano back in 1730. When the volcano erupted, it buried the surrounding land in thick lava. This thick lava from the eruption is still visible to this day and provides an out-of-this-world landscape and spectacular views. The eruption also left behind massive craters that create epic scenery for your ride. Enjoy the otherworldly experience of this landscape during this curated route through the Canary Islands. 

Parque Natural de los Volcanes

As you continue cycling on this route, you’ll pass through the border of the Parque Natural de los Volcanes and Parque Nacional de Timanfaya. These two designated natural areas are home to rugged volcanic scenery and beautiful views. Many visitors from around the world flock to this area to explore the jagged, cooled lava terrain for hiking, climbing, and trekking through the volcanic landscape. These parks are packed with adventure and wonder and are sure to provide natural beauty and scenic views from the roadway as you cycle. 

Return To Tasmania

Congratulations on making it to the final ride of the Road to 24k challenge! For the final ride and Day 20 of the series, you’ll get to do an epic and adventurous ride for VZfit’s Return To Tasmania curated route. Located off the coast of Australia, Tasmania is beloved for its abundant wildlife and nature. As habitat to wombats, pademelons, and wallabies, you’ll get the full outback experience when visiting the beautiful land of Tasmania. 

On this ride, you’ll get to see some of the epic beauty offered by Tasmania. With VZfit, you don’t have to travel far away for long hours. You’ll get to get some great exercise while taking in the beautiful sights and natural scenery of the Tasmanian landscape. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to see on your cycling route for the final ride of the Road to 24k series through Tasmania. 

Horsetail Falls

On this epic and tenacious 24 km ride through Tasmania, you’ll cycle past ample views of the land’s natural beauty. Along the ride, you’ll cycle past Horsetail Falls. Horsetail Falls is a seasonal waterfall located just 5 km from Queensland. The falls attract hikers and nature enthusiasts. With falls cascading over steep 50 km cliffs, the falls provide some sublime views. 

The Ruins Of The Old Royal Hotel

As you continue to cycle this curated route through Tasmania, you’ll pass The Ruins Of The Old Royal Hotel. These ruins have gained much fame and attracted visitors to the structure. Located in the ghost town of Linda, the Old Royal Hotel is historically significant and makes for an adventurous and fun way to explore the abandoned area. 

Lake Burbury

A significant stretch of this ride for the return to Tasmania takes you past Lake Burbury. This man-made reservoir fuels the John Butters Hydroelectric Power Station. It also acts as a popular location for fishing and viewing natural scenery. With picnic areas and barbecues, many tourists and locals spend time at the lake during the warmer months taking in a natural beauty and enjoying the scenery of this unique and lush landscape. 

Crotty Conservation Area

Along the eastern shores of Lake Burbury is the Crotty Conservation Area. This conservation area serves to protect the natural landscape and the wildlife that call it home leaving it wild and free. This provides excellent views and epic scenery for your bike ride as you near the end of the last ride of the challenge!

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